“Attention, please! This is for all those who are ready to wake up that Weekend Warrior you’ve got inside of you!”

We know, we know, that 9-5 grind takes so much out of so many of us that by the time the weekend rolls around, you are happy to be doing absolutely nothing and seeing no one just so you can recoup a bit, we get it.

Others are running from birthday parties to soccer games…from one obligation to the next–not to mention all of the things you intended to do during the week that couldn’t get done….really, the list could go on forever.

The only way you know it’s time to put the list down is because it’s Monday again and you’re back in the office sucking down as many espressos as you can! …hoping and hoping for Friday all over again.

I want to take a nap just thinking about it!….. Okay then. Where were we? Yes, the vicious cycle. You see, we know that grind too! We have been in it for years! Sometimes hearing it in Brandon’s voice when he calls during the day, or worse, seeing it all over his face when he comes in the door. That pure exhaustion that you wish you could erase in an instant.

It makes me feel awful. So, I do what a good wife should….nicely fold his favorite clothes, straighten his shoes, make sure dinner is ready to scarf down. Then I tidy up every last nook and cranny, because….that is the precise moment that I let him know we have to be out of the door and to make our way through security check lines in a half hour!

I know! What kind of wife would I be if I let these teeny, tiny little things like stress, responsibility, and Monday morning wake-up calls get in the way of making memories and taking a real breather?

We had to make the decision together, and we now choose memories over stress–becoming Weekend Warriors has been our saving grace time and again.

I’m so glad you’re reading because there is definitely room for more Weekend Warriors to make their mark and beat this stress stuff instead of it beating you all the time.

It has taken many trials to make it work for us with our jobs, but we couldn’t resist giving you the “whys” before we fill you in on all the “hows” that we’ve experienced. Let’s do this!

You’re probably thinking…packing? Flight schedules? All after a long week with another one waiting impatiently to start? “Sorry darlin’! Not me. Just give me the couch!” Well, you can have the couch. Just give yourself the benefit of a weekend getaway every six weeks or so too! Read here (making the most of the weekend?) for our tips on making those dreaded details easy.

Yes, yes. I built you up a bit thinking you have to pack your bags every weekend. Sorry! That’s just this crazy lady’s dream sittin’ over here…so no worries. All you need to do is give yourself something meaningful to look forward to. And if you’re like us, being in a new place creates that meaning.

Whether it’s going to see a play for two hours, a stay-cation, or getting on that plane, being able to express excitement over big and small things do wonders for our stress levels!

Imagine when Neal from your office is standing next to you in the elevator and asks “How was your weekend?” (As he anticipates your usual, “Nothing much, just relaxed.”) But you respond with, “Fantastic! We had an amazing time tasting wine, ate awesome dinners, and took in these gorgeous sunsets in Sonoma! How about you, Neal?”

After a few exaggerated eye blinks, he and the others in the elevator start asking you for some details and suggestions because they were thinking of going to Sonoma too!

Look at the meaningful conversation you can create that comes from real, personal experience! You give yourself a particular kind of confidence when you can inspire others. People are always looking for someone or something to do just that.

These types of interactions could be endless and could give you the kind of authenticity your everyday conversations are lacking lately.

The stress of trying to be engaging with your mind back on work and life can be so much, and you’ve just made yourself present and powerful in a usually mundane aspect of your routine. You’re letting out that inner warrior already!

Many pride themselves on being multi-tasking whizzes throughout their daily life and for good reason. It takes hard work and dedication to know what you have to do and want to do and creating a healthy balance between the two–that is a true warrior.

But with that comes pressure and all types of deadlines you have to reach. If you already whizz your way (did I just say that?) around your daily responsibilities, why not shift the focus of one of those deadlines on something that is going to uplift you and allow you to release some of the stress you carry around.

Do you have that pair of shoes you need to go on a small, 2-day hiking trip to avoid those bad blisters? No birthday parties this weekend, the kiddos are ready to go! Be a warrior, grab those shoes and get in the memory-making moment.

When it seems like there’s no end in sight and the monotony of one long work week after the next starts to become unbearable, you can save yourself!

Becoming a weekend warrior gives you the chance to feel like you have more control over how your time is spent. It allows you to get even more excited about the big vacation you’re working so hard for even though it is still three months away!

Why? Because you aren’t as exhausted going into it– ever hear the saying “I’m gonna need a vacation from my vacation?” Why do you think that became a thing? Because vacation can’t feel like one if we are using every last bit of energy waiting to have it. And so often, that’s exactly what happens!

Of course, the first few times you put your warrior badge on and put your body through it, exhaustion may set in. If that’s the moment when you say to yourself, “I can’t. It makes me too tired. I just can’t be this tired on Monday,” and that becomes the first and the last time…we’ll totally understand. But one thing before you go back to sitting on the couch: weren’t you just as tired on Monday morning, trip or no trip?

Brandon used to say the same thing when we were both getting in the habit together. Too tired. Too much. Then he realized that no matter what, Monday equaled tired whether we stayed home to make sure the yard was clean or not.

Soon, he grew to love getting out of the yard work and the memories have been adding up like crazy!

We aren’t waiting around for bonding time! We are making it happen-the fear of losing quality time is not something either of us stresses over even though our stressful jobs are exactly the same!

However, I did recently think a glitch was working its way into our system. Recently, Brandon took a late, Friday night flight to NYC to visit a friend and would be back early evening on Sunday.

On the way out, his flight was delayed three times, and instead of landing at 11 p.m., it was more like 1 a.m. Of course, he was annoyed but he eventually made it, and the boys were out in prime time-it’s the city that never sleeps, remember?

It wasn’t until the same thing happened for the flight home that I thought he might have had enough for a while. He landed around 1:30 a.m. with important early morning meetings and I knew he was spent. But, as usual the week after came and without that much of a difference.

You see, he may have been left a little extra tired and sluggish for a few days that week, but not really any more sluggish than he would have been by Friday anyway.

The best part you ask? The couch was waiting for him that very next weekend (Yeah, it was my turn to cut the grass–I’ll have to plan that part better next time).

What’s better though, a commercial about NYC came on the TV a few weeks later, and all I heard coming from the couch was: “We have to go back to New Yorkkk!!” There he was. Hooked! The lousy flight luck couldn’t match the memories. We’re all good here people!

If you have taken these types of quick getaways already, then you must know what it feels like to get excited about sitting on an airplane after a long week of work. It really is awesome!

Be your super-responsible self, and give you the weekend warrior status you deserve. You don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money or call your wife’s, cousin’s, daughter’s wedding your getaway either. So come on Weekend Warriors! It’s your turn for a Friday night flight!


For many years this topic has come up for me, and it is always a good discussion starter so please, feel free to share your experiences, tips, hesitations…or even if you enjoyed what you read! We would love to hear from you!


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4 thoughts on “The Benefits of Becoming a Weekend Warrior

  1. Marlie Conely says:

    Everything you said is so true. I think it energizes you for the start of your work week when your weekend is filled with moments that keep you talking and sharing it with others. It could be as simple as going to hear music at a local restaurant. Can’t wait to hear more of what you have to share.

    1. Kristen says:

      You are so right! It can be as simple as trying out a new restaurant that boosts you through the work week! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Cathers says:

    What a great reminder to make the most of our weekends! Love it!

    1. Kristen says:

      We thought so too! Sometimes a small reminder goes a long way! Thank you for your thoughts!

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