When summer finally arrives and you can break away from the sweaters and heavy coats, the last thing on your mind is planning your way through the next wave of chilling temperatures. “Can we just get a minute to enjoy the sunshine, please?!”

We hear you. But before you know it, you’ll be all about the pumpkin spice and six weeks away from Thanksgiving remembering that you have to finalize your plans!

It’s not a good feeling when you’re booking, knowing you’re paying an outrageous price and having to bite the bullet for yet another year. Work doesn’t make it any easier when you don’t know that far in advance what your schedule will be.

But when your family is on the phone, and you know you’re on a countdown until you can actually hug them instead of sending one via facetime…need I say more?

So what do you do when it starts to feel like a giant minefield? Book those tickets NOW! They are not going to get cheaper and keep some things in mind for the next time around.

The beginning of September is the last ditch month, not October. You can find some decent deals, but nothing like June and July. We actually didn’t book until the beginning of August this year and it showed quite a few great options as well so you have a good, solid three months to make a choice.

June comes around and you finally have time to get to the beach. You hop online to lock in those all-inclusive daiquiris, while you’re at it though, plug in some dates around the holidays.

I promise you, the prices on the screen are going to keep your chin up instead of your lunch falling into the pit of your stomach-remember that “6 weeks away feeling?”

Maybe you’re alright with booking for November now, but December, not so much yet. That’s okay. You have July and August to sort that through.

Oh yes, you’re work schedule! Sometimes when you book early enough you really could be saving about half of what you would have spent.

Purchasing travel insurance brings your price back up a bit but now you have some more flexibility when you don’t have exact dates for your work schedule.

You get a good price, and you also get the option to add or take away a day that you’ve booked so that you aren’t in a bind with time or money.

Of course, you always need to review the terms of your insurance agreement first. Don’t go purchasing insurance and then have the very thing you need coverage for, not be included! Do your research!

September came so quickly! Needing just one more get-away? “Well, do what you gotta do!”-you need more time and you can take it, then take it! Just remember that you still need to book flights in December! Just plug in some dates.

You will thank yourself later when you have the extra cash to buy a few more gifts that you already told yourself you wouldn’t buy.

Prices from year to year will always fluctuate and travel sites will generate the best times to buy. Need Christmas flights this year? You’re in luck! Travel sites are suggesting the best day to buy and fly is on December 25th! Who needs that kind of last minute stress?

Give yourself ample time so that you can enjoy the holidays as much as possible, especially when you only have so many days to get those in-person hugs!

What kind of holiday travel experiences have you had? Do you get lucky with last-minute booking? These are some weekend travel tips we go by. What are some tricks you use? We would love to hear from you!


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