It seems like it might be stretching it a bit too far, right? Groupon for destination travel? Sure, meal deals, clothes, activities,… no question! A great hotel? Yes, please! These seem to be in the comfort zone when it comes to Groupon purchases. Destinations–well..hesitation to say the least.

I’ll admit though, I for sure click the save button for tons of them and then the email comes: “Expired.”

Another one bites the dust! I would get the “tourist trap” vibe and talk myself out of it in the moment. It was even a little harder for Brandon to perk up about 7-10 days in this country or that…

It wasn’t until so many recommended this method to us that we eventually decided to test it out. It did not disappoint in so many surprising ways! We couldn’t wait to share! Here you go!

There Is True Flexibility When Booking

When you select a destination that might interest you, you get a list with a number of different departure dates to choose from.

It also shows the departure airport (or often a small selection of different airports to choose from). These lists never really include airports that are not major hubs so being familiar with the one closest to you definitely helps.

If you don’t see that it lists a hub close to you or that it only gives one option, choose an airport from the list that is the next closest or one that you have had good experiences at.

If nothing is listed anywhere near you, download your free Flight Guide and write down your major hub! We’ll come back to this in a sec.

Let’s say you want to take a trip to Spain for 7 days. Look at the list of dates that fit your needs. It shows various flights from JFK, PHL, and ATL.

You live in New Jersey, halfway between JFK and PHL, and choose to depart from PHL because the dates work better for you. Lucky duck, it worked out great!

For dates that are relatively close together (like a 7-day stretch- all least close by airline standards), this kind of flexibility is a bit harder to find when you’re completing the usual booking steps for other airlines. In the list of options, it may even have selections for dates that you didn’t even think to consider which can be really nice!

What if your only option to fly out is through JFK but you live in ATL?

Get out your flight guide and write down the contact info for the travel agency and have your notes ready for reference because is time to make a call!

The Travel Agencies You Go Through Are Willing To Work With You!

Of course, the first thing you can do is see if you can get a deal to fly into NYC a day or two before the flight and have some pre-vacay fun! But for all those on a tight schedule, call up the travel agency to see if it is possible to fly out of your preferred airport.

You would be so surprised how often this works out and they gladly book where you need to be!

This can also work if you see a deal that doesn’t show an airport that is anywhere near you!

This may result in a fee for itinerary changes (we are still talking about booking flights after all-there is rarely not some price to be paid!) But because a lot of the options have such a good price tag, it may not be a big deal if you can get what you want (or if you don’t have to pay extra to get to where you need to be).

Hey, everyone has their dealbreaker moment when they decide “this just isn’t for me,” or “let me check out the next one on the list.”

But you also might have come too far with too much intrigue by what the trip includes!

You can be as “touristy” as you want to!
I am without a doubt the first one to say to Brandon that “I don’t want to be herded around and pumped with facts and fast timelines”–far too curious to not wander around on my own terms for however long need be. Others really enjoy a certain momentum. What’s great is, you can have all of that or none of it!

This is what really sold me!

That although the descriptions show full itineraries and planned activities, you can choose to participate in as many or as few as you like! You are not required to stay within those parameters.

Often times there are upgrades that you can add to your trip, like extra accommodations.

Some of those upgrades could be activities that you would have wanted to book on your own anyway!

As long as you are at the access points that move you along so that you won’t miss your departure flight, the trip is still really yours to plan!

Saving Money On Meals!

Many of the itineraries include some meals throughout the course of the trip. We are foodies and love to explore new foods in new places. And some evenings, when you’re organizing to leave early in the a.m. for the next leg of the trip and had a great dinner experience the night before, it can help to get what you need in your system and be on your way to the next adventure without meal planning.

We are budget travelers at heart and so a hostel or Airbnb that includes breakfast gets our eyes wide with a credit card number ready in a heartbeat!

(It’s true. There’s too much excitement and too much to pack in to worry sometimes!)

These reasons are for sure not enough to neglect the research necessary when you are planning any trip-always look at details and ask the all important questions no matter what! But, there is the big 3 we enjoyed out of our Groupon experiences.

Are we missing anything?

What kind of experiences have you had? Maybe you are still figuring out what kind of traveler you are? It would be so great to hear from you if you have chosen to use Groupon Travel before and would like to share! Deep down, everyone has gotten a great Groupon deal that they are proud of and we hope an amazing destination fits right in for you!

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