The biggest reason why people tend to shy away from taking weekend trips, aside from their busy schedules, is the idea of planning out a flying schedule. We often have to psych ourselves up for a flight and so the idea of hopping back on a plane shortly after landing in the first place doesn’t sound so fun.

But, by following these five simple steps, you can maximize your time spent on your weekend getaway and you won’t be left feeling like half of it was spent at the airport!

Let’s get to it. And let’s get realistic! You work like a maniac, right? Just because you’re salivating at the thought of all those great Chicago eats that you’ve been dying to try, doesn’t mean you want to use one of your hard-earned days off for it.

Take a late, Friday night flight instead.

You won’t be left in a tug-of-war with yourself about whether you should or shouldn’t have missed your work day. You catch a full day’s work, you can rest on the plane, and get a good night’s sleep and start your day of adventure fresh and ready to go!

We opt for this method because all of the small, tedious details are out of the way and not affecting our next-day plans. Say you need to pick up a rental car, or it takes a while to find your hotel or Airbnb, these kinds of things could become frustrating if you’re starting your day off by dealing with them.

It might make for a later night, but the idea of getting all of that out of way so that all you have to do in the morning is pick out where that amazing breakfast will take place..well, let’s just say no one will feel the need to tell you “It’s okay to start relaxing.”

This next step goes hand in hand with that breakfast mimosa or bloody mary…Brandon loves his bloody marys! I am actually more of a mojito person in the a.m. It is so refreshing to me! Sorry, wishfully typing at the moment..what were we talking about again? Oh yes!

Make the MOST of your Saturday!

This is the big day to get all of those things done you planned on doing. This creates the separation between feeling like you’re hopping right back on a plane the next day. If you are left feeling like you’ve covered a lot of ground, then there is no anxiety making you feel that you’ve missed out on something.

Do your best to push through feeling tired because no matter what, that late flight and a full day of activities will fatigue you at some point.

“Let’s wait for tomorrow to do that,” is also a notion to avoid because you don’t want to make it to Sunday with that in mind and turn around and say, “Nevermind, it’s too much of a hassle. We have to be on a plane in a few hours anyway.” Nine out of ten times you’ll regret not doing that activity.

Pick one activity you want to experience on your departure day.

Don’t jam-pack your last day when you have the business of luggage and checking-out to deal with. Make it easier for yourself to still enjoy the day while still having to catch a flight. Having one activity planned that takes up your morning before heading to the airport is just enough to leave you feeling like you had great fun and still got to where you needed to be.

Which brings me to my next tip. Book your departure flight late enough in the day to have an activity that still gets you home at a comfortable time. So, that looming Monday morning still makes you really anxious? Try booking a flight that leaves mid-afternoon so that you don’t arrive home as late as you got to your destination.

This way, you have a relaxing morning and can still be back in your home just in time for a late dinner. If the late arrival doesn’t bother you, push your departure time as late as you can.

Keep in mind that if any delays take place, you want to have a few flight options that depart after your designated flight-taking the last flight out and having it cancel puts you back on the stress train.

Don’t get me wrong, it happens. Some aspects are out of your hands no matter how hard you plan but these little checks can ease the blow.

Same goes for your late night arrival. If your Friday night flight gets canceled, and that mimosa (“Wait, really? You’re going to try a breakfast mojito next time? You will love it!”) is looking further and further out of sight, do your best to get on the earliest flight so that those details we mentioned up there can be out of your way as quick as possible!

The best scenarios, of course, include your option for extending the weekend. If you don’t mind taking off a Friday, go for it! You can follow the same steps for booking a late flight on Thursday.

The same goes for taking off on a Monday instead of Sunday. I recommend doing that whenever you can as it is almost always cheaper to fly on a Monday versus a Sunday.

Weekends that include a holiday are always a go-to for us. When we have an extra day that we don’t have to map around work, it’s always a bonus. You know what flying around a holiday means, though? Yes, you’re right.

Prices are usually more expensive across the board. If you’re prepared for it though, then don’t let it get in the way of making the most of a good time!

The big and final step for weekend trips, backpack luggage. I don’t know about you, but time spent waiting at baggage claim have not been some of my finer moments. You are spending a super short amount of time at your destination, pack a backpack instead!

Carry-on luggage often comes with a charge these days (“I know, don’t even get me started!”). So in an attempt to avoid silly extra charges for a quick weekend, pack a larger backpack instead. Brandon and I usually share a backpack for clothes and the other for toiletries, shoes, and extras that we need. You can find our essentials for any type of travel here.

We each have a personal item that keeps us from overpacking and is far more convenient to carry around on our departure day if we need to! The same can work for a solo trip or with the whole family! We will for sure be sharing our weekend packing tips with you so stay tuned for that!

Not sure about this Weekend Warrior business? Check out the benefits here! Make that getaway happen following these 5 steps for flying and see how it works for you! Do you have some amazing tips of your own when it comes to weekend travel? We would love to hear from you!


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